Book Review | The Mastery Manual

“I challenge you to play your biggest game.”

The Mastery Manual is the second Robin Sharma book that I have ever read, first being The Monk who sold his Ferrari. An inspiring read, every module has a lesson aimed at facilitating you master your personal and professional goals.

Some of my key takeaways are:

  1. Live fully now: Too many people postpone living. Rather than telling ourselves we will live our best life when we have more time, start living our best life right away. Start that workout regime today, eat healthily, be more loving and passionate before the days slip into months and then into years.
  2. A regular habit of Journaling: As stated in the book, journaling allows you to take fuzzy thinking and distill it into precise language. Journaling is a conversation that you have with yourself. It gives you a place to process through unfelt emotions and allows you to learn from life.
  3. Small Daily acts of greatness: A life of greatness is not reserved for the chosen few. All you need to do is improve your professional knowledge, your health, and your relationship by only 1 % each day.
  4. Be a Lifelong learner: Carry a book wherever you go. All the answers to any questions are in print. Who you will be in 5 years from today essentially comes down to 2 primary influences: the people you spend your days with and the books you read.
  5. The many forms of wealth: Economic wealth, relationship wealth, physical wealth, adventure wealth, and what Robin calls psychic wealth which is all about filling your life with meaning. It’s imperative that we attend to each of these.
  6. Gratitude: Consciously focus on the blessings in your life and express gratitude.
  7. Contemplation: Take some time out on a daily basis and think about your work. Spending time contemplating and evaluating makes you more creative.

Apart from the above mentioned, there are many more valuable lessons in the book presented with utmost clarity and simplicity. Reading and rereading all the 36 modules as stated in the book will certainly motivate you to commit yourself to truly being world-class.


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