Collecting Postcards

Don’t travel for Instagram stories, travel to feel the vibe of the places you go to.

To embrace the winds waiting for you just outside that airport.

The lands you step on, far far away from your hometown.

Let it show you the worlds existing past the mundane of your own.

Travel to watch the Sunrise from atop

From time immemorial, women and men are fond of travelling from one land to the other. They have crossed the mountains on foot and the vast seas by ships to see new lands and know new people. The conveyance was, in the olden times, a great problem to the travellers. Still, they did not stop to travel. They always ventured through the deserts, hills and jungles, and crossed the rivers and seas.

Travellers from foreign lands arrived in India from time to time. Fa-Hein and Huen Tsang recorded many important and interesting facts of the contemporary life and society of India. They surveyed the social, political, economic and geographical conditions of the country. Megasthenes, a Greek traveller, lived as an ambassador in the court of Chandragupta Maurya for a long time. His vivid account of the empire of Magadha gives us an idea of the nature of monarchy, administration, civilization and culture that prevailed in India during the period.

In those days, travelling was very strenuous, expensive, hazardous and risky, because there were no roads or easy communication facilities. No proper map was available for the guidance of the traveller.

Travel to explore what’s beyond the horizon

Travelling provides immense delight and wonderful knowledge because it brings one in close and direct contact with the people and society of the land that is visited. By travelling to a foreign land, one can watch, enjoy the beautiful scenery, artworks, monuments and various other works of importance and interest, and learn many things in life by exchanging ideas and thoughts with the people of other countries and cultures. Thus, he can act as a self-appointed ambassador of his own country and establish a tie of international relations with foreign countries.

Travel to appreciate the magnificence of art and architecture

Travelling has educative value. Knowledge about the new land and new people, about their life, customs, manners and their culture and civilization helps one in his life. He can write useful books on the subject, which again help the other people in acquiring knowledge. Thus travelling to far off lands is considered as a valuable adventure. It is by the tremendous urge for travelling that man has discovered new lands, new islands, new rivers and new people on this earth. Travelling is such an adventurous enterprise that any and everybody cannot dare to attempt. It is only the enthusiastic ones who come out from their peaceful dwelling place to rick the journey and move to unknown destinations with reckless passion. It really needs in-born courage and strong stamina to venture daring voyages with thrill and honest spirit of adventure.

Travel to explore and blend in with different cultures

Explorers like Columbus or Vasco da Gama are rare nowadays. Adventurers like Yuri Gagarin or Sir Edmund Hillary are hardly noticed. Still, it is the explorers in different ages that brought the world nearer to us. It is the quest of knowledge and the indomitable spirit of adventure that has always inspired a man to undertake hazardous to travel far off lands and discover new people and land.


Image Courtesy: Neha Sakuja







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  1. Prashantt says:

    I love this article and your thoughts with lovely quotes. I totally agree with you as travelling to me is the best exercise to connect with ourselves and the place travelling in. It is a. education in itself wherein we get to introduce with different people,culture,food & many things.
    Keep writing!📝👌👍

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  2. Travelling is rewarding if you allow yourself to see the reality and listen well to what is being told about the areas you visit. Respecting differing cultures and walk lightly on their soil leave no destructive marks behind

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  3. Very true…I don’t give any status also…After visiting a place

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  4. I love this post and agree with your words


  5. Excellent post, Neha. Most of the travel blogs I’ve visited appear to be tourist- or self-promoting blogs. Very few share any insight on the land, its people, and its culture.


  6. Wonderful insights, thank you! 🙂

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  7. Rupali says:

    Wonderful post.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I never got to travel much. I think the architecture of ancient buildings and ruins would interest me most.

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